April 2001 - Private and Secure: The VPN Solution

Connect remote users and offices with Windows 2000's humble virtual private network services.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In a city of high stakes none were higher than during this tale of database corruption. But with tenacity and resourcefulness (and a little luck), this MCSE came out a big winner.

Private and Secure: The VPN Solution

If you want a better way to connect remote users, offices and servers securely, consider the humble, easy-to-implement virtual private network. Here’s how to make it work in Windows 2000.

Book Reviews

Tackling Those MCSE Exams

Seeking comprehensive prep materials for the Windows 2000 core tests?

Worth Its Weight

The Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking's comprehensive inclusion of networking terms is balanced by the somewhat lightweight and succinct etymologies.

Exam Reviews

The Design of a Messaging Freeway

Exam 70-225 tests your ability to think through the complex workings of an Exchange 2000 system in enterprises ranging from the small to the huge and multi-national.

Product Reviews

Unclog Your Network

Want your network traffic to flow fast, furious and unfettered? If so, check out these Quality of Service and bandwidth management tools.

Guarding the Corporate Network

From your network and servers to workstations, Panda’s Global Virus Insurance protects you from nasty intruders.

Clean Up Those Hard Drives!

WQuinn’s SpaceMaXX SRM 1.2 offers automated analysis of overloaded network storage.

Call Me Certifiable

Double D'Oh!

We all make mistakes—some are just more obvious than others. But it’s a graceful recovery that separates the gurus from the geeks.

Drill Down

Practice, Practice — Then Pass?

Osborne states its Test Yourself MCSE practice exam books will help you ace the Windows 2000 exams. Will they?

Editor's Desk

Back to Basics

So forget about your MCSE already!

Mr. Script

Objective Exposure

The process of automation allows you to script your way through Office applications—even Outlook. Here’s how.

Professionally Speaking

Headhunter Headache

Our columnists share their distaste for some technical staffing companies.

Security Advisor

Tightening Telnet Step by Step

Controlling access with IPSec can help keep your vulnerable habitat safe from visitors of all species.

SQL Insider

Database Design 101

Queries work well if the databases are designed correctly. Here's what you need to know to build the foundations for your SQL Server databases.

Windows Foundation

Digging Deeper into Group Policy

Now that you've been formally introduced, here's how to use group policies to install software and set security.

Windows Insider

Get Connected with NAT

Windows 2000 makes it easy for small networks to get their share of the Net. Here’s how to implement it on those systems.

Office 365 Watch

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