October 2000 - Tales from the Trenches -- 6 Stories of IT Victory and Defeat

Front-line install nightmares, server room shutdowns -- IT pros share their stories.


The Mole: Digging into Defrag

In this column, Mole burrows into the dark mysteries of Defragmenter.

Tales from the Trenches: Growing Pains

The next time your company plans a move, you just might want to consider a change in careers.

Tales from the Trenches: Exhausting Exchange

The “easy” part of installing new software isn’t always what it should be.

Tales from the Trenches: Screams from the Server Room

Mix a $50,000 server, NetWare, and a nitwit consulting company to get a true recipe for catastrophe.

Smart Card Logon Integration with Kerberos

Learn the basic behind-the-scenes steps for Smart Card logon under Kerberos.

From Chaos to Control

Is poor data storage management putting you through “network hell?” Perhaps a software-based storage management solution can save you.

Tales from the Trenches: All Through the Night

Wherein our hero spends the wee hours staring down servers, rustling up disks, reaching out for help, and pondering his own stupidity.

Tales from the Trenches: Critical State

Sometimes you need to troubleshoot the people before the technology.

Tales from the Trenches: Network Nemesis

Only a hunch saved the day.

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