June 2000 - Exchange 2000 Messaging

Also: intrusion detection; Win2K Design Exam; winning the interview game.


Major Messaging on Exchange 2000

Exchange 2000 is as different from Exchange 5.5 as Windows 2000 is from NT 4.0. This feature briefing will bring you up to date on this big new release.

Answers from Deep Inside

We've partnered with TechNet to bring you answers to technical questions from deep within Microsoft--direct from "Mole."

Systems Engineering: Home-Built Intrusion Detection

With a bit of SQL and the NT Resource Kit, you can create a log file management system to stay on top of potential intrusions.

Book Reviews

Mainframe Mindset

Whether you're moving from mainframe to NT and Windows 2000 or vice versa, this book can help you translate your new world.

The Directory as Business Tool

Before diving into an Active Directory project, spend time with this book to understand the complexities of directories in general.

The Heart of the OS

Want to get inside of Windows 2000? This book gives you X-ray vision.

Exam Reviews

Real-Life Design

The design and analysis elements in this Windows 2000 exam make sure you understand how to map out a directory service.

Product Reviews

UniPress Footprints

More Flexible Batch Files

Extend Windows Script Host with WinBatch's ready-to-use automation tools.

Defragmentation that Works

Diskeeper 5.0 provides optimizing services for your entire network.

Get Internal Support Under Control

Stem the Tide of Information Overflow

Eastman Software's WorkFlow Manager Suite keeps complex workflow processes running.


Exchange 2000 Calls for a New Way of Thinking

Exchange 2000 offers new features aimed at making it a true collaboration platform.

Call Me Certifiable

A Niche in Time

Marketing cliché waiting to happen: Windows on Everything

Drill Down

Windows 2000 at the Movies

Can a video series help you learn Win2K at the same time it prepares you for MCSE certification?

Editor's Desk

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Surviving these uncertain times requires continual retooling of skills.

Mr. Script

Garbage In, Garbage Out

As long as you have users, you're going to have data entry errors. Here's how to write scripts to handle bad data with ease.

Professionally Speaking

Win the Interview Game

What kinds of questions do managers ask potential hires?

Security Advisor

8 Ways to Secure Exchange

Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 offer new routes to email security, but have you done all you can with Exchange 5.5?

Windows Foundation

Service Station: DNS, DHCP, and WINS

In your effort to become an MCSE under Windows 2000, you'll need to understand the inner workings of these three crucial services.

Windows Insider

Active Directory by Design

Your education on AD begins with the components that deliver its services. This month: the store.

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