April 2000 - Best and Worst of Windows 2000

Plus, using COM+ to speed up servers; tips for preparing for the Visual FoxPro 6.0 exams; Roberta Braggs's security favorites.


Systems Engineering: COM+, The Secret to High-Performance Application Servers

An understanding of COM+ will help you troubleshoot and resolve application problems.

The Best & Worst of Windows 2000

The AD Revolution

Book Reviews

A Tech-Head's Take on Scripting

What if you read this book and don't need Chris's column on scripting anymore?

Serving Up Terminal Server Edition

A book that encapsulates what you need to know for administering Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame.

Active Directory Exposed

A prerequisite read for anyone planning an AD implementation.

Smart Exchange

The wisdom captured in this messaging book required time, experience, and service packs.

Exam Reviews

Programming Perfection

Outfoxing the Visual FoxPro 6.0 Desktop Exam requires razor-sharp programming skills and the ability to design efficient and scalable solutions.

Distributed FoxPro

This exam expects you—rightfully so—to be able to pick out the business requirements and their associated components in a logical model.

Product Reviews

Unclog Your Network

Want your network traffic to flow fast, furious and unfettered? If so, check out these Quality of Service and bandwidth management tools.

Within the Walls of the Citadel

WinShield and NetOff protect your network from the inside.

Panda Scans the Net

Panda Software's Global Virus Protection 6.0 offers local and Internet protection.

Fax Magic

Plug and Play & Remote Site Backup

ATL LanVault makes protecting data simple.

Remote Control via Browser

RemotelyAnywhere controls Windows NT and Windows 2000 via HTTP.

Network Card with a Brain

New Etherlink card saves CPU cycles.

Taking Shortcuts that Count

NT Service Account Manager 2.0 offers relief for those admin tasks that you might classify under "repetitive and boring."

Track the Software Lifecycle

DevTrack 3.5 and ServiceWise 1.1 integrate development with technical support.


Betting Big on Windows 2000

We listened to our customers, our service partners, the MCP community, and vendors. We're confident that this attention will pay off for everyone.

Call Me Certifiable

Time to Redecorate!

Don't let the joys of telecommuting blind you to the perils.

Drill Down

Certification Jumpstart

The first book on Windows 2000 certification is out -- and, in spite of its early arrival, it does a decent job of sparking your preparation efforts.

Editor's Desk

The Ouch Factor

As MCP Magazine is learning, change can expose you to some unexpected challenges.

Mr. Script

Component-Based Administration

Objects, Part III. Ready to use some built-in Windows components to speed up routine tasks? Try these.

Professionally Speaking

Can a Classroom Produce a Solid MCSE?

Advice on becoming a true professional.

Security Advisor

My Security Favorites

When we asked Roberta to provide a list of the best Web sites for security information, she cleaned out her Favorites folder and rediscovered a few old friends.

Windows Foundation

A Directories Primer

Gaining a solid understanding of directory services in general and Active Directory specifically will help in your efforts to work with Windows 2000.

Windows Insider

Meta-Directory Mindset

Integrating the directories of various operating systems isn't a simple matter. Michael lays out the challenge.

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