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Microsoft Celebrates the Release of Windows 10 Devices at New NYC Flagship Store

More than five years after opening its first retail stores, Microsoft finally has one in New York City, which opens today, which the company said will serve as the flagship of 100-plus locations. The new store, also by far its largest, opens on the same day Microsoft is making available for purchase its new lineup of Windows 10 devices, including the new Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Lumia phones and Microsoft Band 2.

The new store is in the heart of midtown Manhattan on 5th Ave.,  just a few blocks away from Apple's flagship retail outlet. Although I was unable to attend the grand opening, the new store is vast and has a wide variety of Microsoft-branded products including some not displayed at any of its other locations. Most notable for now is the Surface Hub, Microsoft's giant screen conference room system that allows for video meetings using Skype for Business.

Also on display is HoloLens, Microsoft's futuristic looking glasses that lets users see holograms, though before rushing there to see it, customers can look but not touch. They're in a sealed glass showcase. The location is a premier spot surrounded by some of the world's largest retailers and is a popular tourist spot and home to many large Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft will have specialists who speak a total of 19 languages.

Like its other retail stores, the flagship location will have its Answer desk and will have a floor for conferences and presentations. But it also has a huge two-story video wall showcasing Microsoft's offerings. "The larger footprint means a deeper customer experience of Microsoft's ecosystem in what we consider to be one of the greatest shopping districts in the world," said Soligon, general manager for worldwide marketing, in a statement. "It really is an awesome canvas to be able to highlight products and have them come to life for customers."

Whenever Microsoft opens a new store, it has large festivities and this one will include the launch of the Xbox One game Halo 5: Guardians, letting customers meet developers of the game from 343 Industries. Also sure to garner attention is a free concert tonight by rapper Pitbull over at Rockefeller Center a few blocks away.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 10/26/2015 at 11:51 AM


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