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Metalogix Targets SharePoint Backup and Recovery

Metalogix this week released its first backup and recovery tool designed solely for protecting SharePoint environments. The new Metalogix Backup 4.0 is the fruit of the company's acquisition of Idera's SharePoint tools business last fall and offers improved performance and support for SharePoint 2013.

But it begs the question: Why would an IT organization want a backup and recovery tool that just protects SharePoint but not the rest of the infrastructure? Metalogix officials argue its new tool is better suited to ensuring recovery of SharePoint than traditional data protection suppliers such as Symantec, CommVault, CA, Veeam Acronis and VisionSolutions, among others.

For example, Metalogix Backup now integrates with the company's StoragePoint Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) tool which reduce the size of large SharePoint repositories. The two can back up not only BLOBS that are in SQL Server but BLOBS that have been externalized by RBS offloading, explained Metalogix Chief Marketing Officer Jignesh Shah.

Metalogix Backup 4.0 also features end user self-service recovery built into the SharePoint Ribbon, Shah emphasized. "This is very important," he said. "It's not an administrative tool that you are going to push out to hundreds or thousands of SharePoint users. You can offer them selective recovery directly from the user interface."

Product manager Steven Goldberg explained why the company believes organizations need a backup and recovery tool designed specifically for SharePoint. "The reality is most SharePoint administrators need better control at the SharePoint level," Goldberg said. "The biggest pain point that often comes up is recovery of documents. If someone destroyed, by mistake, a folder…having to recover that is very difficult to do with the horizontal platforms that don't really have deep support for SharePoint backup and recovery."

But even SharePoint administrators and IT decision makers who agree with that notion naturally have to protect data other than SharePoint, I argued. "In that case we see them complimenting the central backup with specialized purpose-built SharePoint backup," Goldberg said.

To make that point, the company is offering the new Metalogix Backup 4.0 for 50 percent of the cost organizations are paying for their existing solutions. Goldberg said Metalogix will offer the same capacity for half their annual maintenance costs, "no matter which one."

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 02/21/2014 at 12:24 PM


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