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Apple's iOS 7 Includes Improved Enterprise Management Capabilities

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In addition to the 9 million who stood in line to get their new iPhones over the weekend, millions of existing iPhone and iPad users were able to download the new iOS 7, released late last week. For those who are holding off, enterprise IT managers have good reason to encourage (perhaps even insist) users to upgrade their iOS devices to the latest operating systems.

Here's a list of some of the new capabilities in iOS 7 that Apple highlighted, which promise to improve security and management of corporate data accessed on user-owned devices:

Protect Corporate Data
IT can now manage which applications and accounts are used to open document and attachments. IT can prevent users from opening personal documents from managed apps, while allowing administrators to configure a list of apps available in the sharing panel.

Per App VPN
Administrators can determine which apps can connect to the VPN, ensuring data transmitted by managed applications only goes through the VPN, while ensuring personal activities do not go travel through it.

App Store License Management
Business can now purchase apps on behalf of users while maintaining ownership of the apps and retaining control of the licenses. Enterprises can now purchase licenses though the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) site and use their mobile device management (MDM) platform to assign apps to users. It lets employees enroll with their personal Apple IDs without providing it to the enterprise. IT can also revoke apps and reassign their use to others. The VPP also now supports purchase of Mac apps.

MDM Enhancements
IT can now set up managed apps wirelessly, install custom fonts and configure accessibility options. IT can configure company owned devices in line with corporate settings and policies. It also supports highly managed deployments.

Enterprise Single Sign-On        
Now users can sign on and authenticate across apps including those from the App Store. All apps configured with SSO verify user permissions to access enterprise resources, logging users in without having to re-enter passwords.

Improved Exchange Integration
Exchange 2010 users can synchronize their notes with Outlook, while they can now view PDF annotations. Search is also improved.

Have you tested any of the new enterprise management features added to IOS7? Share your observations below or drop me a line at jschwartz@11105

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 09/23/2013 at 2:43 PM


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