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Doug's Mailbag: Limiting Restarts in Windows 8

Here's some reader feedback on how big of an issue patch restarts is and the news that they will be limited in Windows 8:

Don't get me wrong, I know why forced restarts have to occur, but I think if Windows were a real operating system, it would be able to deal with concurrency much better. A Unix OS will allow a file to be modified even if something else is holding a file pointer to the file for read access. I don't view this as a problem. Windows does. Or Microsoft's OS is so stuck in backwards compatibility land that it can't get around it.

Frequent restarts are only an issue if you shutdown your machine regularly (for instance, with notebooks). I leave my desktop systems on and when I arrive in the morning, all the patches are done. But every time I sit down on my son's laptop or my wife's desktop system, I have to install a bunch of stuff because they don't have administrator privileges. The Windows patches aren't so bad but the iTunes and Adobe patches are a nightmare because they are so frequent.

Being a small shop, patch related server restarts are rarely more than an annoyance. Our users are accustomed to brief outages after business hours. For desktops, it is a non-issue. Regardless, any improvement is welcome.

I will bet that Windows 8 will never blue screen either...

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Posted by Doug Barney on 11/30/2011 at 1:18 PM


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