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You've Had Your Win 8 Say

A month or two back I asked you, the loyal Redmond Report readers, what you wanted to see from Windows 8. You gave me an earful -- well, it was more of a screenful. I put it all together my latest Barney's Rubble column. Here are a few highlights for those that don't to read the full version found here:

The main wish is for it to be reliable. Oh, and being secure is another great idea. This means truly isolating apps from core OS components -- at least that's one reader's idea. Some want a hot new UI while others don't want to relearn what they already know.

The idea I agree with the most is to slim down the OS -- something the tablet version might bring about.

What have I missed? Your thoughts welcome at [email protected]

Posted by Doug Barney on 10/24/2011 at 1:18 PM


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