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Doug's Mailbag: Do you Bing?

Readers chime in on whether or not they use Microsoft's search engine:

It is a pretty sad state of affairs that searching for solutions to event log errors in Google's search engine works better than Bing at finding Microsoft KB articles relating to that error. Tried Bing but wasn't impressed. I always go back to Google -- although I dislike Big Brother looking over my shoulder.

Over the past couple of months I have switched from using Google to using Bing, almost exclusively. At work, I primarily am searching for Microsoft-related content (I'm a Windows System Administrator). When I search Google, I tend to come up with various forums that may or may not have anything close to what I'm looking for. When I search Bing, I almost always come up with a TechNet article first and then Microsoft-sponsored forums second. For this reason alone, at work it is worth my time to choose Bing over Google.

At home, I've switched to Bing as well. Bing seems to lead me to local resources better than Google. Google wants me to purchase online more than Bing does (although that might be a misperception). Google also seems to lead me to purchase sites rather than information sites more often when I want information on a product or service.

That said, Google maps are still better, and I like Google's street view, despite personal misgivings about such a feature. I use Google's RSS reader regularly, and yes, I have a Gmail account that I occasionally use. So I don't think there's a clear winner, unless it is us. With strong competition comes better technology. My only hope is that all the search engines continue to operate ethically and for the betterment of the Internet communities (Yes, yes, they have to make a profit too...).


Bing stinks. I have pretty much given up using it. Maybe it is just the way I search but I usually just get garbage when I use Bing and I get good results from Google. I am an academic researcher and trained to use keyword searching and Boolean search terms so that may be why Google is superior for my purposes. If Microsoft is really losing that kind of money supporting Bing it needs to throw in the towel and cede the market to Google -- maybe then the stock price would go up a bit!

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Posted by Doug Barney on 09/28/2011 at 1:18 PM


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