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Moving Up to the 7 Side

Yeah, many folks and shops are indeed moving on up to the Windows side, to that deluxe operating system in the sky. But to get that piece of pie you must migrate, otherwise your fish won't fry in the kitchen and your beans will surely burn on the grill.

A bunch of third parties are taking their turn at bat trying to help you up that Win 7 migration hill. With their help it should take a whole lotta trying to get your users on what is the best MS desktop OS yet.

We looked at two migration powerhouses, ChangeBASE and Prowess who strutted their stuff at Tech-Ed -- but there are far more. Bottom line? For mass Win 7 migrations, help isn't on the way... It's already here!

Okay, I bit some rhymes to write this time. But from whom did I steal? Old sitcom junkies welcome to bust me at

Posted by Doug Barney on 05/23/2011 at 1:18 PM


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