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Win Phone 7 Update... The Crickets Are Going Crazy

Windows Phone 7 is actually pretty cool. But that is like comparing a Creed concert tour to Led Zeppelin or The Who. Creed members can play their instruments reasonably well, but the band ain't no legend.

The iPhone is, and now Android devices are superstars that sell out stadiums. Meanwhile, Windows Phones are playing at community colleges and large nightclubs.

So it is no surprise that the world is not shaking on its axis on the news that a software update will be hitting carriers soon for Windows Phone 7 devices.

The update is largely about adding copy/paste functionality, increasing the speed at which you can get to your games and making it easier to blow your hard-earned bread buying stuff from the Windows Phone marketplace.

The crazy thing is if these phones came out six years ago, they would rule. But Microsoft is nothing but patient. My guess is Windows Phone 12 will be a blockbuster!

Posted by Doug Barney on 03/25/2011 at 1:18 PM


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