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Doug's Mailbag: Political Pundits

Here are some of your thoughts on Glen Beck and other political commentators:

Doug, the problem with people on the right unfolds like this:

-- Many policies these folks advocate are not in the best interests of most people in the U.S. They tend to be good for rich people and religious extremists, for example.

 -- In order to get elected, right-wing candidates have to be excellent politicians and excellent LIARS. And they are.

-- The 'Republican lie' is a falsehood with some vague relation to reality, repeated over and over. For example, legal-draft-dodger Bush probably scored more points with the electorate than war-hero Kerry on the issue of military service. The examples go on and on. (Not that Democrats don't lie, just that it is a way of life for many Republicans.)

So, when you mention some quotes from Glen Beck that you had never heard before, there's a good chance Beck made them up!

I enjoy your column and read it each time that it posts.

Your recent story on Glenn Beck's criticism of Google has prompted me to respond to you.

As you note, Beck is "...late to the party..." about Goggle's privacy issues, but Beck is also late to the party on rational discourse.

Do yourself and your readers a favor: Please ignore any and all comments that Beck has about everything.

Please join the effort to marginalize him and the rest of the Republican/Tea Party sycophants on Fox News

His attacks on Google (whether factual or not) just add to his already widely paranoid, hateful worldview.

Just as an infinite number of monkeys might create the works of Shakespeare, Beck might eventually spew forth something that was true and sensible if he ranted for the rest of eternity.

I and many others are hoping that we don't have to deal with him for more than a few more years, let alone eternity.

A note of opinion: Keith Olbermann was let go because the new owners of MSNBC, namely Comcast, is headed by 'right winger' Brian Roberts. It was interesting to note that it fired Olbermann less than 24 hours after the merger of MSNBC under Comcast. Moreover, Comcast did not even have the respect to give him any warning. Olbermann was practically the only pundit who tried to keep honesty on the table, with regard to the lies from the Bush Administration.

All political pundits are not all bad, but the 'right' does have far more insanity. And, finally, the so-called 'left wingers' are hollering about trying to look out for us common folks. The 'right wingers' holler about what the RICH are belly aching about...

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Posted by Doug Barney on 03/16/2011 at 1:18 PM


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