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Doug's Mailbag: Game Plan for Windows Phone 7

One reader shares his thoughts on how Microsoft can find success with its Windows Phone 7 brand:

I read your article on Microsoft having lost phone market share last year. I have a Windows Phone 7 device myself and love it, but I didn't get it on launch day. I think a large reason that WinPhone7 hasn't taken off yet is because people typically can't go buy a new phone whenever they want -- they are likely hooked into some two-year contract with limited upgrade timeframes.

Hopefully in 2011 people (due to upgrading their phone hardware) will find WinPhone7 an attractive alternative. I believe Microsoft will need to keep up its TV advertising for most of the year, and get the phones to Verizon and other carriers ASAP -- it seems that consumers don't prefer AT&T; although in my area (Illinois), many businesses do. Microsoft also needs better commitment from HTC and other vendors like Samsung -- I mean, come on HTC and Sammy, how many different-yet-so-similar Android models do you need to make? Is twenty not enough?  If Microsoft starts keeps pushing out successful WinPhone7 software updates quickly and regularly, I think it will have better numbers come year's end.

(On a side note, I think the Nokia deal is great for Microsoft and Nokia -- think the HP and Compaq merger: Everyone thought it would fail but it turned out they needed each other. Nokia was dying and hasn't been relevant in the states for nearly ten years, and Microsoft needs a hardware vendor to be very enthusiastic about WinPhone7.)

While we're talking about WinPhone7 I miss my Windows Mobile 6.5 device for two reasons: tethering via USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi (no other phone did it for free like WinMo did) and an RDP client. It appears it's all 'about the apps, baby.'

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Posted by Doug Barney on 03/11/2011 at 1:18 PM


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