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Doug's Mailbag: Windows Phone 7

With this week's commercial release of Windows Phone 7 devices, Doug asks who is jumping in:

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server works perfectly well with Exchange so I cannot imagine that a Windows Phone 7 can do any better. Maybe not even as well...

I had a few Windows phones in the past (Palm Treo) and wasn't all that impressed with them. I briefly went to a Blackberry but I never did like it.

When the HTC Hero came out, I checked it out and got hooked on the Android OS. I upgraded to an HTC Evo 4G, which I absolutely love.

I've read about the Windows phones, but I have no interest in getting one, and when I am eligible to upgrade again, the Windows phone would have to offer significantly better benefits to make me switch as I have several apps that I've paid for that I wouldn't want to have to do so again.

I think MS waited too long to come out with their phone and allowed Apple and Android to get too much of a foothold in the market.

However, history has shown that market share can be overcome. IBM was the Big Kahuna and then along came MS. Blackberry owned the market and now look where they are. iPhone looked unbeatable and then Android came along. So, if MS really innovates, they may have a chance. If they strike a good balance between the tightly controlled iPhone where Steve would like to control which screen you look at in what order, and the fragmentation of the Android community with all the versions, hardware platforms and UI skins, they may pull it off.


I am not usually a first-generation buyer but I am going for WP7. I have been wanting to dump my Blackberry ever since I fell in Lake Michigan with my Motorola Q. The Zune pass, Exchange integration and the apps which will come have me sold.

Is VMWare the next Netscape? Here is one response:

Nope, but VMWare is the next Novell. They will still be around in ten years due to the cost of their product, but will be considered a dinosaur by the IT industry. Microsoft has name and flare, Citrix has performance and a tight relationship with Microsoft. VMWare won't be able to squeeze out performance, won't have the MS name and will price themselves out of the market.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 11/12/2010 at 1:18 PM


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