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Microsoft Rival Gives Win 7 Props

Microsoft and Symantec fight like cats and canines, especially now that Redmond has gone full bore into the security business. Instead of Symantec protecting Microsoft software, Microsoft wants to protect its own software with its Forefront and Microsoft Security Essentials products.

Even so, a recently released Symantec-sponsored report, based on more than 1,300 respondents from all types of companies, says the move to Windows 7 is relatively trouble free.

Win 7 users are relatively pleased, enjoying greater reliability (I've seen this but it still ain't perfect) and faster speeds (I saw this initially but now FireFox is slowing down for some odd reason).

The initial migration was smooth for nearly 80 percent of respondents, perhaps because many installed new, Win 7-ready apps at the same time.

For me, while initially thrilled with Windows 7, nearly a year in, the OS is starting to show some of the flaky characteristics of its predecessors: slowing down, shutting down for no reason, etc.

Curiously, my biggest problem with Win 7 is the fact that Symantec Endpoint protection often blocks me from sites due to denial of service -- sketchy sites like Hotmail and!

What are your Win 7 peeves? Send 'em my way at [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 10/25/2010 at 1:18 PM


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