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Doug's Mailbag: Compatibility and File Error Issues in Win 7

One reader points out a compatibility issue with Windows 7, while another shares what he would like to change with Microsoft's latest OS:

I began using VirtualBox a while back and it is one of the most amazing free pieces of software I've seen. I would suggest using this on Windows 7 to virtualize any XP or other OS for legacy compatibility (or other needs). It is a great product, and did I mention it is free? In fact, I like it better than VMWare for workstation VMs (never thought I'd say that about any product, let alone a free one).

Regarding Windows 7 compatibility, I run 64-bit at home and the only app I recall having an issue with is my version of Quicken. Here's what happened to me with Quicken: All of my checkbook registers are housed in Quicken and backed up for the last seven years or so. I upgraded to Win 7 (64-bit), and my version of Quicken would not work. I had no reason to upgrade as all I use it for is a basic check register. It will not run on the new OS. Therefore, I purchased the standard version of Quicken to run on Win 7 and thought I would import my register from my old version of Quicken running on my XP box. I was not allowed to import my old register, as it was housed in the Deluxe Edition of Quicken.

So, Quicken said I would have to upgrade to Deluxe, which I don't need and will not pay for. Long story short, I still have my Quicken and old checkbook registers (for my friends at the IRS) on my old XP box that will soon be virtualized via VirtualBox on my Win 7 machine...for free! Problem solved, kind of...

Thanks for the good articles. Keep up the good work!

I would say the two things that I REALLY hope they fix on Windows 7 is the "random" removal of pinned items, and the issue with moving/deleting folders and/or files in Windows Explorer that causes the "file is in use" error.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 09/17/2010 at 1:18 PM


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