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Doug's Mailbag: Salary Raises, Twitter Typos

A recent study estimated that salaries will increase by a paltry 1.8 percent. That's not much, but readers are making do with what they get:

While my increase was slightly more than the 1.8 percent, I know others received nothing. I'm thankful to have a job at this point. My sister and others have been out of work for quite a while.

This year, my company did not give raises or bonuses due to the economic downturn. I know several people who are out of work and have been for some time so I am thankful to have a job right now. The way I see it, we all have choices to make and I am chosing to be grateful even in this less-than-ideal economy.

At the school where I work, the entire staff decided to take four days without pay so that layoffs didn't have to happen. However, we still received our incentive pay, and I got a raise for getting my master's degree, so I came out a bit ahead. I don't like it, but I was able to keep my good job, so it was worth the sacrifice.

Most everyone communicates online nowadays -- the former CEO of Sun even tweeted his goodbye -- but not everyone is as meticulous with their online spelling as these readers:

I must be old-school because I proofread any correspondence that leaves my mailbox. I find it somewhat rude that people don't feel the need to correct errors, especially when almost any application will tell you when you have spelled something wrong and if your sentence structure is incorrect or incomplete. Are we in so much of a hurry that we cannot be considerate of others?

I don't tweet or Facebook or any of the other "social" networking options because I spend so much time in e-mail that I don't need another place to keep track of conversations. When I text on my phone, I use complete sentences and spell the complete word. Takes longer but I believe the person with whom I am corresponding deserves my full attention. To air a pet peeve of mine, I find it disgraceful and unacceptable when I find misspellings on Web pages and official announcements.

I don't tweet, but I do send text messages, use e-mail, have a Facebook page and do other stuff electronically that my 40-something brain can't remember right now. In any event, I make an effort to spell out complete words and sentences. That's just the way I was taught when I was in school. If you couldn't spell or write properly, the other kids thought you were stupid!

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Posted by Doug Barney on 02/12/2010 at 1:17 PM


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