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Doug's Mailbag: Microsoft vs. EU, Windows 7 Adoption, More

Microsoft gets picked on a lot by the EU over issues like browser bundling, but John wonders what the point is:

I think Microsoft has tried very hard to be less monopolistic. I think the EU is unfair. Here is my analogy: You buy a car and it comes with a certain radio (GM's was Delco, if I recall). What would be unfair is not letting the owner change it to, say, a Yamaha. MS allows us to use a different browser -- how much more should it do?

A few more readers chime in with their Windows 7 adoption plans:

In this economy, there is no real reason to spend money to "upgrade" an OS. We'll stay with the OS on our current PCs (XP/Vista) and acquire Windows 7 on any new PCs we purchase. That is our transition plan.

IT will be moving to Windows 7 once it's available on TechNet. Soon after, we'll start a pilot program with our beta users and expect to begin rolling it out wider in 1Q 2010.

Doug wondered about the accuracy of this recent Onion headline: "Apple Claims New iPhone Only Visible to Most Loyal of Customers." Based on feedback from a couple of unabashed iPhone fans, it's pretty close:

Yes, it is true. Using skills learned from the famed Tibetan monks who can alter their own temperature, I was able to use meditation to transform my mental state into one of a hip, dedicated Apple groupie. At that point, I was immediately able to see the new iPhones. They are totally, indescribably amazing. I bought one on the spot.

I'm a PC. Having said that, I've recently picked up an iPhone. I couldn't resist; blame it on my best friend who has one and had the nerve to let me play with his. It made my HTC Fuze feel absolutely undesirable with its chunky vibe, thick body, itty bitty screen and stuck-in-the-'90s OS. I played with that phone for about two hours (much to his dismay, I wouldn't give it back). I was determined to get one after that.

Lucky for me, the 32GB 3GS was just coming out so I picked it up. I haven't looked back, and now have come to understand the zealots. The interface is really, really good. It doesn't need rebooting every other day like my Fuze (and previous WinMo phones), and video/audio is awesome. I'm still a Windows 7 fan so I don't think my assimilation will be total, but I'm still waiting to see that rumored Apple tablet.

And another Onion piece pegged average Americans as spending 90 percent of the day with their eyes glued to some form of electronic device. Bob's average is off the mark, but not by much:

Well, it's not 90 percent, but it is probably in the distrubingly high 50 to 60 percent range.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 08/03/2009 at 1:17 PM


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