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Surface and ARM: Why Microsoft Shouldn't Follow Apple's Lead and Dump Intel

Microsoft's current Surface flagship, the Surface Pro X, already runs on ARM. But as the ill-fated Surface RT showed, going all-in on ARM never did Microsoft many favors.

How To Convert VMware Virtual Machines to Hyper-V

One of the lesser-known capabilities of System Center Virtual Machine Manager is its ability to convert VMware virtual machines so they can run on Microsoft Hyper-V. The process isn't without its quirks, however.

Should You Back Up Static Data?

There's another threat to consider when it comes to developing a backup strategy for static data on an active volume: bit rot.

How To Use Microsoft Office for Asset Management, Part 3

Working with absolute and relative cell references in Excel, plus retrieving a value from a second sheet.

How To Use Microsoft Office for Asset Management, Part 2

Now that you know how to use Microsoft Word to make barcodes, the next step is to keep track of your barcoded items in Excel. Here's how.

How To Use Microsoft Office for Asset Management, Part 1

In this three-part series, Brien shows how to use Microsoft Office to organize personal resources or create a small business inventory-tracking system. Step one: Generate barcodes in Word.

IT After COVID-19: Can Virtual Conferences Compare to Live Events?

It makes sense for tech giants like Microsoft to take their conferences to the cloud in the wake of the pandemic, but virtual events will be a hard sell to veteran conference-goers.

HoloLens 2 Borrows Its Killer Feature from Windows

Turns out the secret to the HoloLens 2's success has nothing to do with holograms.

How To Create Pipeline Chain Operators in PowerShell 7

Represented by the pipe symbol (found on the backslash key on most keyboards), the PowerShell pipeline allows one command's output to be treated as input for another command.

How PowerShell 7 Makes Better Sense of Error Messages

Earlier versions of PowerShell only had one way to display errors, and it wasn't always the most helpful. Microsoft's support of the Get-Error cmdlet in PowerShell 7 makes error messages much more useful.

Performing a Windows File History Backup

It won't do what most third-party backup solutions can, but Windows File History, a relic from Windows 8.1, does a reasonably good job of protecting Windows 10 data.

Expanded Data Types: Microsoft Excel's Most Significant New Feature in Years

Beyond just crunching budgets, Microsoft's recent Excel overhaul will give it the intelligence to recognize over 100 new data categories and process information in ways that were previously unimagined.

3 Ways Microsoft Can Improve Planner

Microsoft Planner is an indispensable tool, but it still has room for improvement. Here are the features that Microsoft should add to make Planner even better than it already is.

Outlook Search Hacks To Cut Through the E-Mail Clutter

When a simple keyword search can't find the e-mail you're looking for, it's time to break out one (or a couple) of Outlook's many search operators. Here are a few of the most useful ones.

'Windows 12' Is Not What You Think It Is

Reports of a Windows 10 successor in the wild have been greatly exaggerated. Brien digs into what's really going on with the rumored "Windows 12."

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