Posey's Moonshot

Space Capsule Egress in Heavy Seas

What happens if a space capsule lands in an area that is experiencing big waves? Astronaut-in-training Brien walks you through the steps of escape.

What, Exactly, Is Dunker Training?

The infamous dunker is many would-be astronauts' first introduction to commercial spaceflight training. And, as Brien explains, it's a doozy.

Things that Surprised Me About Working in Zero Gravity

Brien has taken plenty of parabolic flights aboard the "vomit comet" by now, but there were plenty of things he was unprepared for when he first started his spaceflight training.

Why Astronauts Train for Spacewalks Underwater

To replicate true zero gravity conditions without actually going to space, would-be astronauts usually have to take parabolic flight. But sometimes, as Brien explains, they have to go in the opposite direction.

3 Days of Motion Sickness Desensitization: The Worst Part of Spaceflight Training

In his quest to become a commercial astronaut, Brien has been through disaster simulations ranging from oxygen deprivation to emergency water landings. But none of that beats this.

What Does It Take To Be Chosen as an Astronaut Candidate?

A STEM degree and a decent level of physical fitness are obvious requirements. But it might not hurt to be a scuba-diving and roller-coaster junkie on top of that, too.

Why Astronauts in Training Spend Time in the Altitude Chamber

Decompression and the resulting hypoxia are the worst-case scenarios of spaceflight. Here's why.

Overcoming Spacesuit Anxiety During Astronaut Training

Spacesuits are heavy, claustrophobic and hot -- an uncomfortable combination for many would-be astronauts. Here's how Brien came around to the idea of wearing one.

Astronaut Survival Training: When Things Go Wrong on Earth

The most perilous moments in a spaceflight can happen after the landing.


Why Would-Be Astronauts Learn Aerobatics

Space is a very unforgiving environment, and it's critical to use the correct procedures when emergencies occur. That's a big part of why aerobatic flight is so important.

Zero Gravity Games: Things To Do in a Spacecraft When You're Weightless

Commercial space training isn't all about research. Sometimes -- especially when the gravity is out -- the crew gets to cut loose.

Spaceflight Training in the Middle of a Pandemic

Surprisingly, the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown has hardly slowed down the space training process for Brien. In fact, it has accelerated it.

What's It Like To Do IT Work in Space?

Between zero gravity and the cumbersome spacesuit, everyday IT tasks -- like connecting some power and data cables -- suddenly become a lot more complicated.

Astronaut Survival Training: Parachuting into the Ocean in a Spacesuit

For an astronaut in training, parachuting out of a disabled spacecraft ranks high on the list of skills you hopefully never have to use in real life.

Astronaut Survival Training: A Crash Course in Sea Survival

Lots of things can go wrong during a commercial spaceflight -- especially once your capsule leaves space. An unplanned ocean landing is just one of those worst-case scenarios.