Posey's Moonshot

Astronaut Survival Training: Parachuting into the Ocean in a Spacesuit

For an astronaut in training, parachuting out of a disabled spacecraft ranks high on the list of skills you hopefully never have to use in real life.

Astronaut Survival Training: A Crash Course in Sea Survival

Lots of things can go wrong during a commercial spaceflight -- especially once your capsule leaves space. An unplanned ocean landing is just one of those worst-case scenarios.

What It's Like To Work on the Moon (Without Actually Going to the Moon)

Brien's lunar training often puts him in situations where gravity, as we Earthlings know it, doesn't exist.


Your Top Space Training Questions Answered: Introducing Posey's Moonshot

Welcome to a new series dedicated to Brien's spaceflight endeavors. For his inaugural post, Brien answers some of your most common questions, from what exactly he's training for to what's the deal with that human-sized centrifuge.