Datacenter Trends

AWS Targets Intel with Arm-Based 'Graviton' Chips

The cloud giant just delivered some big news to datacenter managers watching the rapidly evolving Arm processor market.

Datacenter Predictions: AI Moves In and Cloud Moves to the Edge

The datacenter of 2020 and beyond will look quite different from the datacenter of today, according to researchers at IDC.

Micron's Buyout of Intel Partnership Boosts Its Datacenter Chops

At stake is a fabrication facility that makes 3D XPoint tech, which datacenter analysts see as an answer to the increasing performance demands of AI and HPC.

Chinese Spy Chip Scandal: Advice for Datacenter Managers

True or not, Bloomberg's report raises an obvious question: What can datacenter managers do to ensure the security of their organizations' hardware? The short answer is, nothing simple.

Ampere Launches Its First ARM-Based Datacenter Processors

With its rapid growth, partnership with Lenovo and aggressive roadmap, the startup is taking direct aim at CEO Renee James' former company, Intel.

One Solution to the Problem of Rapid Datacenter Expansions

Constant equipment refreshes mean a constant need for new power configurations. One company has a fix for that particular side effect of all this expansion.

eBay 'Replatforming' with Its Own Servers and Decentralized Datacenters

The company's plan to modernize its infrastructure also includes tapping open source technologies and -- as Microsoft and Facebook have done -- open sourcing its server designs in turn.

AMD Unveils Radeon Graphics Cards for Datacenter Visualization

Launched at this week's VMworld event in Las Vegas, AMD's new Radeon Pro V340 graphics card is designed for heavy-duty workloads like Desktop as a Service and CAD software.

Datacenter Liquid Cooling Systems Are Hot Commodity

The enterprise datacenter is changing rapidly, thanks to serverless computing, AI and machine learning. But one thing remains the same: Datacenters run hot and cooling them is expensive.

'Datacenter Is Dead,' Says Gartner Analyst

What exactly will this new, nearly datacenter-less world look like? Gartner's head of research sees enterprises making a number of adaptive moves.

Facebook Unveils New Datacenter Cooling System

Close on the heels of Microsoft's "Project Natick" announcement, Facebook took the wraps off its own water-based cooling technology.

Hyperscale Datacenters Surprise with 'Staggering' Growth in Q1

Even on the heels of a breakout 2017, the world's biggest datacenter operators -- among them Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services -- have outdone themselves.

Micron Ships First Quad-Level Cell NAND SSD

The release aims to meet the greater cloud storage demands of AI, Big Data and business intelligence workloads.

Qualcomm's Datacenter Chief Leaves the Company

Reports of Anand Chandrasekher's exit are throwing concerns around the future of Qualcomm's datacenter operations into stark relief.

Cisco To Integrate Intel's Silicon-Level Security Tech in Tetration

The new technology from Intel comes as hardware-based security and modern CPU threats like Meltdown and Spectre increasingly make headlines.

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