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John O'Neill, Sr. stresses the importance of staying up to date with an ever-changing enterprise security landscape.

IT pros know that as cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, companies are in an arms race to bolster their cybersecurity measures. Many claim to have adopted a zero-trust architecture, yet still fall prey to attacks. Enter John O'Neill, Sr., a seasoned IT veteran and Chief Technologist at AWS Solutions, who is on a mission to unpack the intricacies of cybersecurity and elevate our collective security I.Q.

With a career that spans over 30 years, O'Neill's experience in the field is vast and his passion for helping IT stay prepared is evident during his highly popular (and free) Virtual Summits. And, for those attending this year's Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live! (being held in Orlando. Fla. Nov. 12-17), you can get a front-row seat as O'Neill breaks down today's threats.

O'Neill's upcoming session, "Fast Focus: Understanding Cyberattacks," will aim to bring clarity to what threats are commonly being used and how you can take proactive steps to protect your network. Ahead of his presentation, he sits down with Redmond to give a quick preview of what you can expect at this year's Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live!

Redmond: Many organizations believe they have a zero-trust architecture but still fall victim to attacks. Could you provide a teaser on how your session will demystify this concept and make it actionable?
O'Neill: Have you ever wondered why, despite adopting a 'zero-trust' approach, organizations still fall victim to cyberattacks? We’ll dive deep into the realm of cybersecurity and pull back the curtain on what a genuine zero-trust architecture entails. This session will not only demystify the concept but also equip you with actionable strategies to fortify your defenses. Join us and transform your understanding from conceptual to a robust cybersecurity stance. Don't just trust; understand and defend.

Cyberattacks can be incredibly sophisticated. What are some of the common techniques that cyber attackers use to gain initial access to a network?
The cyber threat landscape is vast, but when it comes to initial access, attackers often employ a mix of technical expertise and human psychology. Some of the prevalent techniques include phishing, drive-by downloads, exploiting public-facing applications, credential stuffing, watering hole attacks, malvertising, USB Drops, man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, zero-day exploits and social engineering. In light of these techniques, it's imperative for organizations to adopt a holistic cybersecurity strategy. It's not just about technology; continuous education, user awareness and robust security policies play a pivotal role in safeguarding any network.

Inside the Session

What: Fast Focus: Understanding Cyberattacks

When: November 14, 2:00-2:20 p.m.

Who: John O'Neill, Sr., Chief Technologist, AWS Solutions

Why: "Don't just trust; understand and defend."

Find out more about  Live!360, taking place November 12-17in Orlando, Fla.

What's one piece of advice you can share for organizations to immediately start assessing their internal vulnerabilities?
If I had to pick my ten-second piece of advice, it would be this: Start with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

Would you say that, as a whole, enterprises are doing an adequate job protecting their networks?
That's a tough question. The answer varies depending on the size and type of the enterprise, the industry, geographical location and many other factors. On a broad scale, many enterprises, especially larger ones with more resources, have certainly stepped up their cybersecurity game in recent years, investing in advanced technologies, additional employee training, and refined incident response plans. While strides have been made, there's always room for improvement. Cybersecurity is a dynamic field, and complacency can lead to vulnerabilities.

As Chief Technologist at AWS Solutions, what unique perspectives or insights can you bring to the topic of cybersecurity that attendees won't get elsewhere?
As Chief Technologist at AWS Solutions, I sit at the crossroads of business strategy, technology and cybersecurity. Some unique vantage points I bring to the table include strategic alignment, real-world anecdotes, holistic risk management, C-Suite challenges, future-focused approach, building a security-first culture and emphasizing a balance between security and usability. In essence, the perspective I bring is that of someone deeply embedded in the trenches, facing the multifaceted challenges of cyber security each and every day. My goal for this session is to impart practical, actionable insights interwoven with broader strategic thinking.

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