Windows 10 Download Sales Ending This Month

Microsoft is indicating that the last day to buy a download license of the Windows 10 operating system will be on Jan. 31, 2023.

In past years, Microsoft has issued a public notice about the ending of its Windows sales, but such a thing apparently didn't happen with Windows 10. It's mostly been various media outlets that have noticed the Windows 10 end-of-sales date.

Both the Home and Pro Windows 10 OSes can't be purchased from Microsoft after this month. Here's Microsoft's language to that effect from its Microsoft Store listings for the Home and Pro editions:

January 31, 2023 will be the last day this Windows 10 download is offered for sale. Windows 10 will remain supported with security updates that help protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malware until October 14, 2025.

A "get Windows 10" search currently defaults to Microsoft's get Windows 11 page.

The Jan. 31 end-of-sales date for Windows 10 may not apply to Microsoft's sales partners. Some retail sales outlets, such as Best Buy, already steer Windows 10 seekers to a Windows 11 buying page. Other retail sales outlets, such as Walmart, still offer Windows 10 as a boxed product. These online shopping sites don't include a note, such as Microsoft's note above, that Windows 10 sales will end on Jan. 31, 2023.

The Microsoft Store description didn't explain if it'll still be possible to buy new PCs with Windows 10 installed by original equipment manufacturers (with an OEM license) after the Jan. 31 date. Its statement seems to just apply to the downloadable OS product. For the various ways to buy Windows, see this article.

Best Buy at press time still maintained a Windows 10 PC sales page, which is located here.

Windows 10 use currently leads worldwide in terms of Windows desktop use. According to December data compiled by StatCounter, Windows 10 use was at 67.95 percent, followed by Windows 11 (16.97 percent), Windows 7 (11.2 percent) and Windows 8.1 (2.6 percent).

Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates support fell out of support on Jan. 10. That same date was the end of support date for Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 Home and Pro editions will have support (meaning the OSes will still get security patches from Microsoft) until Oct. 14, 2025. Microsoft offers a free upgrade to Windows 11 for qualified Windows 10 users that meet strict hardware requirements. The free upgrade is still in effect, but Microsoft has stated that it may revoke the free upgrade offer at any time.

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