Microsoft and Darktrace Partner on Azure and AI Security Solutions

Microsoft and Darktrace announced a partnership on Monday in which Darktrace's artificial intelligence (AI) security solutions are getting integrated with three Microsoft services.

Cambridge, U.K.-based Darktrace makes security solutions that "learn" on their own about what's a threat, identifying even novel ones, based on AI algorithms. The company claims to be the first to have applied AI to software security. Darktrace was "founded in 2013 by mathematicians and cyber experts from government intelligence backgrounds," according to a company overview.

The partnership with Microsoft appears to be a technology integration effort. It involves the hosting of Darktrace's e-mail security solutions on Microsoft Azure datacenters. Additionally, the deal includes a technology integration with Azure Sentinel, Microsoft's security information and event management solution. Also, the partnership is enabling Darktrace's AI to connect with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft's service for protecting endpoint devices plus conducting post-breach analyses.

Under the partnership deal, Microsoft is hosting Darktrace's Antigena Email service on Azure. Additionally, Antigena Email is being offered through the Azure Marketplace online store.

Darktrace claims that its e-mail service uses AI to "learn" the individual behaviors of e-mail users and block threats. Antigena Email analyzes attachments and links in e-mails. It also spots domain spoofing, a technique used to disguise malicious links in e-mails. Microsoft 365 connector technology is used by Antigena Email to identify "anomalous logins and account behavior," as well.

Microsoft's and Darktrace's solutions are being provided to "joint customer environments," according to Poppy Gustafsson, Darktrace's CEO, in a released statement. "Everywhere Microsoft runs, Darktrace secures," she added.

Darktrace described its self-learning AI security solution as using so-called "Enterprise Immune System" technology. It's said to be modeled after the human immune system's ability to recognize pathogens and produce antibodies against future attacks. Antigena Email was able to react "in seconds" during the worldwide spread of the infamous WannaCry malware of 2017, the company contends.

In addition to its Microsoft partnership, Darktrace works with Okta, Slack and Zoom. Its products integrate with various firewall and security management solutions, as well.

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