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N2WS Launches First Major Product Since Veeam Sale

N2WS, a provider of backup and recovery solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced the general availability of N2WS Backup and Recovery 3.0 this week.

The latest version of the company's flagship cloud-native, enterprise backup-and-recovery solution comes with enhanced data lifecycle management capabilities, quicker recoveries, cost optimization tools and a new user interface.

This is the first major product release from the company since Veeam Software sold it back to its original founders last year due to U.S. government concerns that the subsidiary was controlled by a company controlled and partly owned by two Russian executives, Blocks & Files reported last year. The data protection software vendor, which owned N2WS for about two years, has since launched a similar product, Backup for AWS.

Built in the cloud, N2WS is designed to help businesses manage storage and infrastructure, orchestrate recovery of critical resources, and archive data for compliance. The list of enhancements available in version 3.0, includes an enhancement of the Data Lifecycle Management component to enable greater control of AWS data. It now comes with automated policies designed to move backups into the most appropriate storage tier on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), including Amazon Glacier and Amazon Glacier Deep Archive.

There's also new feature called N2WS Recovery Scenarios, which brings entire workloads back to production in seconds, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks. Customers can use this feature to define a policy that will recover an entire application or service with a single-click, the company says. "N2WS Recovery Scenarios will restore each component in a pre-defined order, including compute and data resources, as well as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and other networking settings," the company said.

Another new feature, AWS Cost Explorer is designed to allow N2WS users to calculate EBS snapshot costs per policy, which makes it easier to build a clear picture of their backup storage spend in AWS. Customers can quickly visualize how storage costs change over time and optimize backup storage (using N2WS Data Lifecycle Management) to align with budget goals.

This release also comes with an enhancement of its Resource Control cost optimization feature, which provides users with the ability to see how much money is saved by turning off non-critical instances when not in use. They can add or remove resources at the click of a button, the company says, and achieve near real-time infrastructure savings.

And there's a N2WS UI in this release that "prioritizes ease of use to deliver a modern, streamlined interface." The new dashboard simplifies backup monitoring, and shows backup status and real-time storage costs. From the "re-designed" navigation tab, customers can create policies, implement EBS snapshot archiving, and access detailed reporting.

"As enterprises move more business-critical workloads to AWS, our customers are constantly looking for new tools to help them build a resilient and well-managed environment," said Chris Grusz, director of worldwide business development for the AWS Marketplace, in a statement. "We're delighted to see N2WS' commitment to supporting customers with their compliance and efficiency goals with the availability of N2WS Backup and Recovery 3.0 in AWS Marketplace."

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