Symantec Web Security Service Now Protects Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Symantec and Microsoft announced a collaborative effort on Wednesday that has brought Symantec Web Security Service protections to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services.

The Symantec Web Security Service is specifically designed to protect users from malware and data leakage when using mobile devices and Web applications. The cloud-based service for enterprises integrates with various mobile device management solutions and authentication systems. It's capable of checking user content for data loss prevention purposes, with compliance controls. It has antivirus protections through Symantec's Global Intelligence Network and can sandbox and detonate suspicious samples, according to Symantec's description.

Under the collaboration deal, the Symantec Web Security Service will be bringing an "added layer of protection" to Microsoft Azure. Symantec's service enables organizations to have "direct, secure connectivity to the web, Office 365 and Azure," while also enabling data loss protection schemes.

Symantec is also promising some Office 365 update protections and controls when using its Web Security Service:

Network operations professionals can integrate updates to Office 365 applications for consistent policy enforcement through content inspection, access controls and logging. Additionally, advanced content peering and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection acceleration reduces data hops, offering customers increased production and enhanced user experience.

Microsoft, of course, offers its own Advanced Threat Protection and data loss prevention services. The two companies, though, aren't necessarily competing on those fronts.

"The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec brings together advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure," said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president at the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, in a released statement. "Symantec's full suite of security and compliance controls complement our broad set of Azure security solutions to provide customers with an ideal, trusted cloud platform."

The Symantec Web Security Service for Microsoft Azure and Office 365 is available now, according to a company spokesperson. No pricing information was described.

This announcement is but the latest collaboration between the two companies. Last year, Symantec elected to support its Norton consumer security product line worldwide using Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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