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Microsoft's Patch Problems Continue

This month's security update has led to compatibility and installation errors for many users.

In what is becoming the norm, Microsoft's monthly patch release has not gone smoothly. Today Microsoft issued a security advisory for item KB 2949927 -- which aimed at bringing the SHA-2 hashing algorithm to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 -- due to installation issues that led to reboot failures, according to multiple online complaints from Windows users.

"Be warned, everybody: KB 2949927 will fail to install and revert the changes at the next boot if you have BitLocker disabled," wrote a user on a Microsoft TechNet forum.

According to Microsoft's updated advisory, the Download Center links for the patch were pulled today and Microsoft recommends that users experiencing issues should uninstall the update while it investigates the matter further.

Today's pull isn't the only problem Microsoft has had with its October Security Update. Earlier in the week, Microsoft released KB 2952664, a compatibility update for those upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Unfortunately, reports immediately started to come in of installation errors for Windows 7 users. What's unusual about this problem is that Tuesday's release was the seventh time Microsoft has issued and reissued the compatibility update since April. In response, Microsoft reissued the patch yesterday, hopefully for the last time.

Onto problem number 3: Microsoft's zero-day Windows kernel fix is also experiencing some installation issues. Specifically, KB 3000061 is failing to install on some Windows Server 2012 machines and may be connected to an issue with Hyper-V, according to users on the TechNet message board.

"Ironically the systems I am experiencing this issue, are also on Hyper-v machines, as I was able to successfully install the patch on 1 physical Windows Server 2012 machine so far, with success," wrote one user. "I will have a better idea as the day goes on and I patch the rest of the VM's and Physicals."

Microsoft has not released any word on whether it is looking into this issue.

October marks a low point for Microsoft's security patch process, which hasn't had a smooth run in quite a few months. Last month the company had to pull a fix for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 after installation issues occurred.

Have you experienced any issues with this month's security load? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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