Flawed Apple iOS 8 Upgrade Affects Microsoft Rights Management App

Microsoft is working on a fix for its Rights Management Service (RMS) sharing app for Apple iOS devices.

The problem with the RMS sharing app can affect iPhone users running iOS 6 or iOS 8 operating systems, according to Microsoft's announcement on Thursday. Microsoft is planning to release an update to the RMS sharing app in Apple's App Store "in the next few days."

The problem is mostly associated with Apple's new iOS 8 release, according to Microsoft's announcement:

With iOS 8, Apple made a few changes to their DNS service discovery APIs which broke our functionality. We are now testing our fixed version with iOS 8 support and will submit it to the App Store in the next few days.

RMS is Microsoft's file protection scheme that can be used by organizations to restrict access to shared Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Microsoft launched that service late last year.

Apple's iOS 8 release has been problematic for some users. iPhone users upgrading from iOS 6 or iOS 6 Plus to iOS 8.0.1 may have experienced a loss of cellular service, as well as "touch ID" functionality.

Yesterday, an Apple support page recommended that affected users should simply reinstall iOS 8.0, although Apple cautioned that the Health app wouldn't work after carrying out those steps. However, a MacRumors story now says that Apple is releasing iOS 8.0.2, which will be designed to fix the problems associated with iOS 8.0.1.

It's not clear if iOS 8.0.2 is generally available to all now, though.

Apple apologized for the glitch. The company estimated that less than 40,000 users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were tripped up by the flawed iOS 8.0.1 release.

Some people updating to iOS 8.0.1 also experienced problems with not having enough storage space on their devices to complete the upgrade. Apple's recommendations for those users are listed here. The recommendations include connecting to iTunes to update the device and/or deleting or moving content to gain space.

Microsoft also offered help with the Apple iOS 8 space problem. For a limited time, iOS 8 upgraders can get 30GB of OneDrive Storage for free. However, they must sign up for the OneDrive account before the end of September to get the deal, according to Microsoft's announcement.

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