Microsoft Issues Fix for Surface Pro 2 Sleep Problem

Microsoft released a January update to its Surface 2 Pro machines late last week that purportedly remedies an update that the company pulled in December.

This January release is arriving to users through Windows Update, and it may have been available to them as early as Friday. It's described at Microsoft's update history page as a UEFI firmware fix, addressing an issue in which Surface Pro 2 machines failed to enter sleep mode after being idle.

The original fix had been issued on Dec. 10, but Microsoft suspended it after users reported various problems, including battery-drain issues on Surface Pro 2 machines.

The new update fixes the sleep-mode problem, according to Jeff Roach, a Microsoft MVP.

"The new Firmware that was released on Friday and went out to the larger user base yesterday fixes the Battery and Sleep Issues," Roach stated, in a Microsoft forum post on Tuesday. "Check you[r] Windows Update and see if the Firmware is available for your machine."

The update may have solved the problem, but some users are still reporting issues, even with it installed. One complaint is that the machine will go into idle mode, but it will still manage to consume 30 percent of the CPU's resources in that state. Another commentator suggested that the default Wi-Fi settings on the Surface Pro 2 appears to prevent the machine from going into its sleep mode.

In any case, for those with problems, Microsoft's public forum page for the Surface Pro 2 can be accessed at this page.

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