VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 Released

vCloud Suite 5.1 was released into general availability by VMware on Wednesday. The suite bundles a slew of components that is aimed at providing the services need to abstract compute, networking, and storage resources that can be used to build public and private clouds, or what the company calls the software-defined datacenter.

VMware officially announced some details on the vCloud suite on August 22 in a press release, and followed that up a week later by showcasing the suite during its popular VMworld confab in San Francisco.

vCloud Suite 5.1 is comprised of the following components that have also been updated:

vSphere 5.1 -- Comes with 100 new enhancements, including support for up to 64 virtual CPUs; ability to perform live migration without shared storage; support for up to 500 network hosts per distributed switch.

vCloud Director 5.1 -- Orchestrates the provisioning of compute, networking and storage services into discrete virtual datacenters.

vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 -- Provides for the "dynamic creation of virtual networks and services" apart from any physical network hardware, and allows for the deployment of various security services in those virtual networks, including virtual firewall, VPN, and the VXLAN extended network.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 -- Provides backup and recovery services, as well as replication and high availability services in a virtual scenario. It integrates with vSphere Replication or can be used with other non-VMware replication services.

Duncan Epping, principal architect with VMware who runs the company's VMware Cloud Practice, offers a simplification of the vCloud Suite 5.1 in his personal Yellow Bricks blog here.

vCloud Suite available in standard, advanced and enterprise editions, starting at $4,995 per processor for the standard version.


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