Windows XP Market Share Increases in January

It what looks to be an anomaly in the steady decline of Windows XP, the Microsoft OS version increased its market share by 0.67 percent in the month of January, according to market analysis firm Net Applications.

Windows XP finished the month with 47.19 percent of the worldwide market share, and continues to have a sizable lead as the top-used OS. Coming in second was Microsoft's newest OS, Windows 7, which saw a slight dip in January's numbers to finish with a 36.40 percent share.

While the slight increase for the 10-year-old OS isn't an argument for a new resurgence, it does point to the fact that many are still choosing XP, even though the support for the OS by Microsoft will end on April 14, 2014.

And this end of support is something that Microsoft has been continuously reminding customers of.

In a Microsoft Springboard Series blog posting from Jan. 28, Stephen L. Rose, social media manager for Microsoft, wrote that there was only 800 days left for Windows XP support.  He then made his case for migration away from XP by stating "It takes 18-24 months to plan for and deploy a new operating system."

Microsoft has also been suggesting that enterprises go ahead and adopt Windows 7 instead of waiting for Windows 8, rumored for release by the end of 2012.

Concerning Microsoft's upcoming OS, Windows 8 had a share of .02 percent for January. While the full retail version is not yet available, Windows 8 currently has a feature-light "developer preview" version out. And a beta release is expected by the end of February.

Microsoft still commands a massive lead with its Windows brand over rival Oses with 92.05 percent of the market share.


OS January 2012 Market Share Market Share % Change
Windows XP



Windows 7



Windows Vista



Mac OS X 10.6



Mac OS X 10.7






Figures courtesy of Net Applications

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