Microsoft's SBS Essentials 2011 Bundled with Entry-Level Server by Dell

A bundle targeted at small businesses that includes an entry-level PowerEdge system with Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) Essentials 2011 was launched on Friday by Dell. The product is aimed at those companies purchasing their first server.

Dell has released a bundle targeted at small businesses that includes Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) Essentials 2011 running on an entry-level PowerEdge system. The solution, launched Friday, is aimed at businesses that may be purchasing their first server.

The package, which includes SBS Essentials pre-installed on the Dell servers, is also available in a configuration that includes two PCs, either notebooks or desktops. SBS Essentials 2011was released in July and is designed for organizations with a maximum of 25 PCs.

SBS Essentials 2011 consists of Windows Server 2008 R2, pre-configured with a dashboard designed for non IT-savvy administrators. It is optimized to simplify backup and recovery, printer sharing, file management, remote access and integration of Microsoft's cloud services such as Office 365. The cloud integration capability is not yet available, though Microsoft released the beta of its Office 365 Integration Module (OIM) last week.

The package consists of Dell's entry-level PowerEdge T110 II server running an Intel Xeon quad-core processor and any combination of two OptiPlex and Vostro laptop PCs bundled with Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office Home and Business.

Dell has also added support for Intel's vPro management tool that allows administrators and partners to access and take KVM control of PCs. Dell also is bundling the Windows 7 Professional Pack, which allows folder redirection and the configuration of security settings and backup and recovery options. In addition, Dell is including Microsoft's Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Small Business Server 2011, which allows for remote administration from Windows Phones.

"The value proposition of SBS Essentials is it is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that you can deploy right away," said Samir Ahmad, global enterprise marketing manager for Dell Servers, in a briefing with reporters last week.

Dell is offering the solutions direct through its Web site and through channel partners. Pricing starts at $1,701 for a server with 4 GB of RAM. A configuration with the server and two Vostro laptops starts at $2,960.

For channel partners, Dell is offering incentives and bonuses for those who offer the package, Ahmad said. In addition, channel partners can offer 36-month leasing through Dell Financial Services. "It's something we believe will provide value to our end customers and will position our partners as the complete solution provider, which includes not just the technical part but the financial aspect as well," Ahmad said.


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