Friday IT Fun: 5 Things To Check Out on the Internet Today When You Should Be Working

In case you have a spare minute or two today (or even if not), we bring you some recent tech-related nuggets of funny brought to you by the Internet. And if you've found something you think other IT pros will appreciate, send an e-mail to [email protected] so we can include it in next week's edition.

We'd Love to See Steve Jobs Announcing These 47 Non-Apple Products  ( - With new Apple product reveals, they aren’t announcements -- they're events the largest rock stars can be jealous of. Here's what Gizmodo and its readers came up with for some products they would like to see Steve Jobs announce (lasers and smoke machine are standing by).

Trade Expert ( - It's funny because it's true…

Top Four Anti-iPad Rage Videos ( - While the rest of the world are buying expensive cases and holders to keep their shiny new iPads safe, here's four videos of iPad owners that are showing their new toy some tough love. 

Windows 3.1: The Future of Computing ( - Get your cassette player ready for this informative and easy way to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Charleston Style ( - And finally, for no reason other than we liked it, here's a 1920s dance video perfectly synced to Daft Punk's "Around the World."  


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