DataCore Delivers Low-Cost Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization vendor DataCore Software announced it is shipping its SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation – a low-cost, entry-level virtualization solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

The package, which starts at less than $1,000, is designed to enable customers to automate management of storage resources across multiple systems via Ethernet IP-based networks. Among the features DataCore is highlighting for the new product is a capability known as thin provisioning or "auto-grow" to enable customers to flexibly take advantage of disk space as it's needed.

The product is a member of DataCore's SANmelody product line. The SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation enables customers leverage existing Ethernet and IP/LAN network interconnections through support of iSCSI, and to optimize storage space and automate capacity utilization across many servers, according to company statements.

DataCore's Virtual Capacity supports very large virtual volumes -- up to three terabytes -- but only allocates and uses disk blocks and space dynamically as the applications actually need it. Additionally, applications can continue to run as their disk capacity is being expanded.

SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation starts at $948.

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