Preview of ADO.NET vNext Ships

Microsoft is shipping the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of its next generation data access libraries for the .NET programming framework.

The data access technology, known as Active Data Objects, or ADO.NET, provides a way for Visual Studio developers to deal with data sources and services programmatically. Officially called The ADO.NET vNext August CTP, the availability of the libraries for download was published on the ADO.NET team blog, Tuesday.

Provided in this preview is the ADO.NET Entity Framework including the Entity Data Model (EDM), which lets developers to model data at a higher level of abstraction, Pablo Castro, ADO.NET technical lead said in the post. The CTP also provides a client-views/mapping engine to map to and from store schemas, and full query support over EDM schemas using Entity SQL and Microsoft LINQ (Language Integrated Query Language).

The CTP includes the ADO.NET CTP assemblies, some new project templates to create new ADO.NET Entity Framework-based applications and entity model libraries. It also provides code samples and documentation.

A notice at the download site cautions that the code is only for testing purposes and may change before final shipment. Download the CTP here.

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