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If you're talking about TV, it seems that Redmond Channel Partner readers would rather boldly go where no one has gone before.

When we recently surveyed about 500 RCP readers on a range of important business issues, we threw in a few lifestyle questions just for fun. Among them: "What are your favorite past or present TV shows?"

Fill-in-the-blank responses ranged from '60s sitcoms ("Gilligan's Island," "My Favorite Martian") to classic BBC science-fiction shows ("Doctor Who," "Red Dwarf") to vintage kiddie shows ("The Smurfs") and a current crop of cartoons designed for grown-ups rather than kids ("South Park," "Family Guy").

But the most common choice was "Star Trek," cited about three times as often as any other show. Of course, the "Star Trek" franchise included five separate series that aired over a nearly 40-year period, but most of those who listed that choice are apparently happy to watch any, or all, of them.

About the Author

Anne Stuart, the former executive editor of Redmond Channel Partner, is a business technology freelance writer based in Boston, Mass.


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