Microsoft Live Exec Quits Amid Live Messenger Launch

VP Martin Taylor resigns abruptly just as Live gets off the ground. Also: search tools for Exchange and SharePoint, a BPEL .NET server and an analysis tool for monitoring servers.

Though there probably isn't a connection between Bill Gates' announcement to retire last week and the sudden resignation of Microsoft Corporate Vice President Martin Taylor, it does beg the questions, why and why now?

Taylor was selected to head marketing of Windows Live and, which are key to Microsoft's renewed push for Software as a Service, and was even scheduled to talk with reporters about the latest Live developments, including the debut of Windows Live Messenger, the Live upgrade to its MSN Messenger.

Microsoft's official word is that it doesn't comment on personnel matters. Inquiring minds want to know -- and will find out eventually.

Unfortunately, other than that, it was a slow week in Microsoft news:

The EU said Thursday Adobe hasn't yet filed a complaint against Microsoft shipping its new Office suite without Adobe's PDF file reader.

Microsoft is teaming up with Creative Commons to provide users with a copyright licensing tool for Office, which lets users add copyright licenses to their Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

X1 Technologies announced Monday its unified search solutions for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. X1 Content Connector for Microsoft Exchange allows users to search for content across their inboxes, public folders and personal archive files (PSTs). X1 Content Connector for Microsoft SharePoint can search for multiple SharePoint sites, local files and local e-mail.

Active Endpoints Inc. released Monday its BPEL (business process execution language) server for the Microsoft .NET Framework. ActiveBPEL Enterprise provides BPEL design tools, execution and management capabilities, and run on a range of enterprise deployment platforms. The core BPEL server executes as a .NET service, delivering capabilities such as ADO connection pooling, CPU clustering, fault tolerance and load balancing. ActiveBPEL's server consoles, help subsystem and administrative APIs install into virtual directories in Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0.

Draconis Software released Wednesday the latest version of its server monitoring and analysis software, RSP. Version 2.1 offers various monitoring metrics, an analysis engine that helps spot trends and performance bottlenecks, remote agent configuration and incident tracking.

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