Users Speak Out on IE 7

Since April, Redmond readers have been working with the Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7. The reviews have been mixed.

"I would like to have the ability to customize the layout or, better yet, have an option to switch to 'classic layout,'" writes Brian Koomen, an MCSE with CEM Corp. in North Carolina. "On the positive side, being able to open new IE sessions (as a new tab) in the same instance of IE is a plus. My task bar is less cluttered these days."

But Koomen complains that IE7 killed hyperlinks in Lotus Notes 7.0, and he tires of "constantly being harassed" with security warnings.

Martin Duggan, group IT assistant for Robertson Inc., is more direct. "I tried IE7 for the first time earlier this week and in all honesty ... this thing is awful! It's a big, lumbering mess. It is slow, unresponsive and the interface is more confusing than even I expected," he writes.

One thing Redmond readers aren't complaining about is the default search engine in the IE7 toolbar. Writes Dennis Barr, manager of information technology for the Larkin Group: "I'm currently in the beta program for IE7, and it's ridiculously easy to change the default search engine. And isn't it interesting that Google is the default search engine for Firefox."

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Michael Desmond is an editor and writer for 1105 Media's Enterprise Computing Group.


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