IT Weekly Roundup, May 19

From the business wires: a tool for monitoring Web apps, SharePoint connectors, and a self-extracting file compression program.

CA announced Monday Wily Introscope 7, a scalable solution for monitoring and optimizing the performance of business-critical Web applications. It will also support Introscope for Microsoft .NET, to be released later in 2006, a tool for managing Web applications in .NET and heterogeneous environments.

Brocade Communications Systems Inc. announced Monday version 3.0 of Brocade Tapestry MyView, a resource access management solution that provides improved file access controls for IT and security administrators and tools to streamline reporting of access authorizations for compliance audits. The solution is designed to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory.

FileNet Corp. released Tuesday three new connectors for extending Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. FileNet Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Document Libraries allows Microsoft SharePoint document libraries to be integrated with the FileNet P8 enterprise content management repository. FileNet Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Search extends the search capability of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to include any content that is federated to the FileNet P8 enterprise content management services. FileNet Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts delivers document and task management capabilities that align with JSR 168 portlet capabilities.

WinZip Computing announced Tuesday the latest version of its self-extracting program for compressed .ZIP files, WinZip Self-Extractor 3.0. The program now features enhanced deflate compression support and improved compression technology found in the company's flagship WinZip 10.0 product line. Also included are support for 128- and 256-bit AES encryption and the ability to use high-resolution icons with self-extracting .ZIP files.

In Microsoft news, Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates Monday talked up the upcoming SharePoint Server 2007 at the company's "first-ever" SharePoint Conference at its Redmond-Wash. campus and again Wednesday at the Microsoft CEO Summit. He also hyped a bevy of other new Microsoft technologies that help companies to internally look for employees based on skills and knowledge; allow users to create "mashup" pages of information from various sources such as RSS feeds; and search for information across an enterprise using SharePoint Server -- among countless other things from software as services to advertising.

Amid all this, Microsoft found time to buy security software vendor Whale Communications to beef up its existing secure access solutions based on Windows Server and ISA Server, and it's also rumored to be in talks to take over virtualization company Softricity.

It seems like every day Microsoft is spreading into another industry, so it's no surprise when entrenched market leaders like Symantec take the company to task for this and that. The security vendor is saying Windows Vista incorporates data management technology from its subsidiary Veritas under a license, the terms of which it says Microsoft violated.

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