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Sanbolic releases updated file system and volume manager solutions for SAN storage systems.

Sanbolic Inc. announced Tuesday the release of the latest versions of its Windows file system and volume manager solutions, Melio File System (FS) 2.0 and LaScala 2.0.

Melio FS 2.0 is a symmetrical 64-bit clustered file system designed for high-availability and clustered computing environments. Enhancements and new functionalities include up to a four-time increase in file system performance and support for nearly unlimited file system size, the Watertown, Mass.-based company said in a statement. Melio FS now utilizes Microsoft Windows infrastructure technologies such as Distributed File System, Network Load Balancing, and Microsoft iSCSI initiator. Melio FS also utilizes fault-tolerant and redundancy components of Windows such as the Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO). Native Windows security and support for Microsoft Active Directory are implemented as well.

LaScala is a host-based volume manager incorporating technology used in Melio FS, including transaction management, locking and clustering technology, which simplifies management and improves flexibility and reliability of shared storage environments, the company said. Sanbolic's Melio FS and LaScala volume manager allow active-active access to shared files on SAN storage, enabling multiple user access to their critical data in high-availability architectures.

Sanbolic's solutions support Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, including Windows Server 2003 R2.

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