A New Script for Compliance

Scriptlogic Corp. yesterday announced File System Auditor, a tool that lets corporations see exactly who has done what with company files.

One aspect of compliance with laws like Sarbanes-Oxley is insuring that sensitive data is protected from prying eyes and fingers. Smart companies have policies in place to make sure only approved employees can view and modify files with important financial information.

Policies are one thing, making sure folders and permissions are properly set up is another. That's where File System Auditor comes in: IT folks, the CFO and other qualified executives can see what files are read when and by whom. It shows which folders are accessed and what files are created, modified or deleted.

One way to use the product is to spot abuses, such as internal workers going where they shouldn't be going, especially in the event of an investigation. Alerts can be set up to tell when these abuses take place.

But a more core use is to make sure the policies put in place are working and that employees can't go where they don't belong.

According to Scriptlogic executives, getting this kind of detailed information is possible without the product, but requires poring over page upon of tough to decipher log files. And this doesn't offer the level of reporting or alerts that File System Auditor offers.

File System Auditor store file activity data in a SQL Server database. A 30-day trial is available at

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