MS and SAP To Preview “Mendocino”

Microsoft said it and partner SAP will provide a technology preview of their jointly developed “Mendocino” product to 40 customers and 10 partners on Friday, right on schedule.

Announced in April, Mendocino is the code name for a product that is meant to more closely integrate SAP with Microsoft Office.

“Our goal is to enable Microsoft Office to bridge the gulf between enterprise data sources and the information workers who need to view and analyze business information, plan and make decisions, and collaborate with others,” Chris Caren, general manager of Microsoft's Office business applications group, said in a statement.

Product development is focused on fulfilling four scenarios. First is budget monitoring, aimed at providing managers with access to financial data they need to do annual budget planning and monitoring, cost analysis, and correction of postings. Second is a time management scenario that aims to enable employees who need to record and review hours worked to do so within the Outlook calendar.

Third is a leave management scenario so that employees can request and receive leave approvals in Outlook mail. And finally, an organization management scenario brings human resources-related administrative and planning tasks into Outlook.

“We’re making good progress towards a broader beta release in the spring and final availability in the late-summer 2006 timeframe,” said Caren’s statement.

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