Exam Guides Redesigned

Microsoft has redesigned several of its exam objectives guides and wants to get your feedback.

Microsoft has redesigned several of its exam objectives guides and wants to get your feedback. Guides for 70-210, Windows 2000 Professional, 70-215, Windows 2000 Server, 70-306, Developing Windows-based Applications with Visual Basic .NET and 70-316, Developing Windows-based Applications with Visual C# .NET now have links to recommended Microsoft courses, links to Microsoft Press books and technical resources on TechNet, MSDN and the Training and Certification discussion in the Microsoft Communities discussion groups.

Microsoft has also reformatted the exam objective outline into a matrix that categorizes "skills measured" with a key showing how each objective is covered within Microsoft's recommended courses for that exam. The company plans to upgrade other guides by the end of the month, but is asking for feedback for future design considerations:

  • Is the length of the exam prep guide appropriate? Or would you prefer more links to other pages that provide information in greater detail?
  • Is the expanded list of Preparation Tools useful? Are the resources helpful?
  • The Skills Being Measured chart lists each exam objective and the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses that may be available for that objective. Is this tool effective in helping you assess where you may need formal training to supplement your experience?

Those questions appear in Microsoft's announcement of the new exam guide format, which you can view at

[MCP Magazine wants your feedback on the effectiveness of the redesigned guides. You can post your comments in the IT/Certification Discussion Forums by clicking here.—Michael Domingo, Editor]

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