Build Remote Access in a Day

Good case studies, technical errors might mean you'll need an extra day.

This book gives the reader a good firm base upon which to build a remote access solution. The first part of the book is just an explanation of the major terms and their definitions, and how they work in a remote access setting. From there the author moves into setting up the RAS server.

Though this book emphasizes a Windows NT 4.0 perspective, there is also a wealth of information on other operating systems including Linux and the Mac OS. Remote Access 24seven also spends a large amount of time on the basics of troubleshooting a dial up connection.

Pros: Case Studies and the step-by-step guides for setting up RAS on multiple operating systems
Few but annoying technical errors
Verdict: Overall a good starter book for anyone wanting to set up a remote access system. It covers the main operating systems you'll encounter as well as how to troubleshoot most major problems.

If that is not enough, the author also added case studies, which can give the reader a good idea on how other people are using remote access technology, and how it can benefit your situation. Overall this is a book that gives the reader a good foundation in a tricky area.

About the Author

Richard Harlan, MCSE, Network+, lives in the Kansas City area and is working as the Network Engineer for the John Deere Ag Marketing Center.


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