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  • #1 Hybrid Cloud Backup Guide

    Regardless of what the cloud looks like for your organization, Veeam® Platform delivers the #1 hybrid cloud backup solution that allows you to own your data on any cloud.

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup For Dummies

    The benefits of the public cloud are significant. But with it comes challenges, especially related to data protection, management and security. You need a Modern Data Protection platform to match your evolving data protection needs.

  • Cyber Resilient Data Recovery Strategy

    This paper draws heavily from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which will equip IT organizations, security teams and responsible decisions makers with the insights and knowledge to utilize Veeam® Data Platform to build a cyber resilient data recovery strategy.

  • Digital Dialogue: Simplify Secure Access to Applications Across Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

    More organizations than ever are juggling multiple cloud environments to increase their flexibility while avoiding vendor lock-in. But the more clouds an organization runs, the bigger their attack surface and the more access issues they have to resolve. Download this Redmond Digital Dialogue today to learn how to balance the benefits of the multicloud without sacrificing access, security and savings.

  • Defending Against Active Directory Attacks for Dummies

    This book explains five popular attacks that plague Active Directory. You’ll see how these attacks are done, where the gaps lie, and what you can do as an effective defender of your fort. At the end of the day, to be an effective defender, you also need to know what motivates attackers. In a way, you have to think like an attacker so that you can pre-empt their moves.

  • Azure infrastructure for modern cloud applications

    Download the Azure Infrastructure guide and learn how to navigate and leverage Azure's growing set of offerings to accelerate your cloud journey. Break down the requirements and components and get a roadmap to initiating your journey with Azure.

  • Carbon enjoys Azure Kubernetes Service for 80% less

    Download this case study and learn how Carbon, a next-generation data management platform, used Spot by NetApp cloud solutions to automate its Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) infrastructure and increase application availability while reducing cost by 80%.

  • Streamline & Optimize Your Azure Cloud Operations

    In this guide, we’ll explore some of the primary business and IT challenges Azure cloud operations teams encounter, dive into the CloudOps framework for operating your business in the cloud and detail the Spot by NetApp approach to Azure cloud operations.

  • The Definitive Email Cybersecurity Strategy Guide

    Break the attack chain. Protect your people from email attacks and stop initial compromise. Business email compromise (BEC), ransomware and supply chain threats continue to compromise organizations, despite their existing security solutions. Attackers have evolved. They now mix and match different tactics across an integrated attack chain to exploit their human targets. And traditional solutions that fight these threats with siloed tools aren’t enough to fight back. In the Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide, we explore how you can break the attack chain and initial compromise by stopping advanced email attacks.

  • The Business Email Compromise (BEC) Handbook

    A Six-Step Plan for Stopping Payment Redirection, Supplier Invoicing Fraud and Gift Card Scams. Sometimes, that email from your boss isn't really an email from your boss. Business email compromise (BEC) has become the costliest form of cyber crime, tricking victims out of more than $1.8 billion in 2020 alone. These highly targeted cybersecurity threats are easy to fall for and invisible to traditional security tools. Learn how to manage them with our comprehensive guide and six-step plan.

  • Proofpoint Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023

    Proofpoint was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023 report, which explores the golden age of email security, including the migration to cloud email, machine learning adoption and API innovation. Get your copy of the report to learn how “Proofpoint makes good on its mission to protect people and defend data.”

  • Breaking Down BEC - The Modern CISO’s Framework for Identifying, Classifying and Stopping Email Fraud

    Break the attack chain. Learn how to stop costly BEC attacks. Business email compromise (BEC) attacks can be costly and difficult to prevent. Traditional email security solutions may not be enough to fight off the latest BEC attacks that are getting through your current security solutions.

  • RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

    RingCentral for Microsoft Teams brings robust, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration capabilities to the Microsoft Teams app. With RingCentral features right at your fingertips, users can make phone calls and schedule, start, and join meetings without leaving Teams. Access the RingCentral embedded dialer to place calls and view call history in the Teams phone tab. And with the RingCentral Bot, type a single command to post meeting details in your Teams conversations.

  • 7 reasons you need a third-party telephony integration for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is great, but you can make it even better. This Ebook covers seven critical reasons to integrate Microsoft Teams with a third-party cloud telephony solution.

  • Enhancing Teams with Enterprise-Grade Telephony

    Microsoft Teams is the collaboration application of choice for many businesses. It was a critical tool for making remote work a success when employees shifted to working from home. While Teams provides many essentials for collaboration, one feature has left many organizations hungry for a better solution: telephony. The built-in telephony features in Teams often don’t meet the needs of modern-day enterprises. This causes them to explore alternatives.

  • Why third-party Teams telephony solutions lead the market

    85% of organizations that integrate telephony into Teams choose a third party. Learn why third-party Teams telephony solutions lead the market. This white paper covers Microsoft Teams telephony options and what is right for your business. It also provides information on what to look for in a third-party Teams telephony solution.

  • Microsoft Teams & Telephony: Why Businesses Prefer UCaaS Providers

    Adoption of Microsoft Teams has become widespread, with Microsoft reporting 280 million active users. While Teams has become the go-to platform for video meetings and team messaging, many organizations have discovered its telephony capabilities don’t meet their needs. This white paper explores the reasons why those same organizations are implementing third-party solutions for integrated telephony in Microsoft Teams.

  • Bring world-class customer experiences and calling into Microsoft Teams

    The team messaging and video meeting capabilities in Microsoft Teams have become standard collaboration tools for many organizations. But many find it has gaps that make it an incomplete solution, especially for external collaboration. In this brief, we’ll take a deeper look at RingCentral for Microsoft Teams and how it can turbocharge any Teams deployment.

  • 10 VMware Backups Best Practices

    VMware is the market leader in the virtualization sector, and, for many IT pros, VMware vSphere is the virtualization platform of choice. But can you keep up with the ever‑changing backup demands of your organization, reduce complexity and out‑perform legacy backup?

  • VMware Backup for Dummies

    Your virtual machines are at the heart of all that your business does, hosting practically any workload from mission-critical backup applications to dev/test environments. In VMware Backup For Dummies, find out how you can implement agentless backup to ensure seamless recovery of critical workloads. Dive in to discover the best recovery methods and data protection solutions to ensure maximum business continuity.