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  • 7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

    You have 7 critical reasons to protect your Microsoft 365 data. This 5-minute easy-to-read document helps you convince your managers and peers that your organization needs Microsoft 365 data protection.

  • 8 Benefits of a Backup Service for Microsoft 365

    Read this e‑book, “8 Benefits of a Backup Service for Microsoft 365”, to understand what makes cloud‑based backup services so appealing for companies using Microsoft 365 — and why it may be just the thing to keep your business running.

  • Why everyone benefits when you pair RingCentral with Microsoft Teams

    RingCentral’s seamless integration with Microsoft Teams optimizes your communication and collaboration tech stack, and empowers your people to succeed.

  • Building a Business Case for Copilot for Microsoft 365

    In today's tech-driven business landscape, Copilot for Microsoft 365 emerges as a game-changing Workplace AI tool, promising to revolutionize how organizations access and leverage content within their Microsoft 365 environments. Download now to understand the full potential of Microsoft Copilot and discover how it can streamline workflows, automate processes, and provide personalized assistance to drive significant time and cost savings.

  • 5 Ways AI Drives High Performance in Modern Workplaces

    In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Intelligence (DI) are transforming the way organizations operate and make decisions. These cutting-edge technologies offer opportunities for improved decision-making, process automation, personalized employee experiences, predictive analytics, and collaborative work environments. Discover five areas where AI can make an impact on your organization and its potential to revolutionize the way we work to build a high-performance workplace.

  • How to prepare for generative AI in your high-performance workplace

    Download this brief to learn more about how strategic planning and addressing key considerations can pave the way for seamless Workplace AI adoption, allowing your organization to harness the full potential of these transformative tools while mitigating potential pitfalls.

  • The Future of Work: AI-Enhanced Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

    Frameable's integration with Microsoft Teams enhances remote collaboration with AI, improving productivity and team dynamics for distributed workforces.

  • The State of Hybrid and Multi Cloud in 2024

    Explore insights on hybrid- and multi-cloud data protection. Discover how enterprises enhance reliability and secure cloud workloads.

  • Future-proofing Your Proxy Architecture

    This ESG whitepaper outlines the advantages of consolidated platforms, which offer the flexibility to meet short-term needs while charting a course toward a SASE architecture for long-term organizational benefits.

  • 2023 Unit 42 Network Threat Trends Research Report

    In this report, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42™ research team shares current trends in malware and the evolving threat landscape. This includes an analysis of the most common types of malware and their distribution methods.

  • Network Security Buyer’s Guide

    Read this guide to understand common network security challenges and learn how to craft a request for proposal (RFP) that ensures a successful adoption and exceptional return on your security investment.

  • Medical IoT Security Evaluation Checklist

    Our vendor-agnostic checklist helps healthcare organizations evaluate security solutions for operational and medical IoT devices. This checklist includes must-have features and capabilities that decision-makers across healthcare organizations should prioritize before selecting a solution to protect all managed and unmanaged medical and operational IoT devices in their network.

  • The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices

    The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices explains the fundamentals of Zero Trust and how to achieve it for connected medical devices. You will get a review of the three main principles of a Zero Trust approach to device security.

  • Closing Security Gaps for Connected Devices in Healthcare

    Medical devices have become critical to patient care—and are connected to each other, your network, the internet, and the cloud. But many have inherent vulnerabilities, creating gaps in overall security. This ebook breaks down these risks and shows how an automated Zero Trust approach to medical device security can close the gaps.

  • 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions

    The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions is a must-read for CISOs facing cyber risks in securing connected medical devices. Use this guide to level up your healthcare organization’s medical device security strategy and software procurement process.

  • SD-WAN: Protect Branches with Zero Trust

    Modern enterprises must stay proactive to meet customer needs and protect all data, users and apps no matter where they're located. The onslaught of new apps and the explosion of IoT devices make the attack surface challenging to manage. Traditional branches don't accommodate the type of security architecture necessary to protect employees, diverse and distributed apps, and a rapid increase in IoT devices.

  • Forrester TEI Spotlight for SD WAN

    The results of the study are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers. Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE powers the branch of the future with next-generation SD-WAN to deliver exceptional user experience, Zero Trust security for users, apps and IoT, and the automation of complex IT operations. Read the Spotlight study to learn how much your organization can benefit from a next-generation SD-WAN solution.

  • The Power of Next-Generation SD-WAN with App-Defined Fabric

    In today's world, applications, users and businesses are distributed. With that comes the challenge for IT and network engineers to ensure performance and resiliency for all applications while securing users and the apps they access. This is a must-read whitepaper that shows you how application awareness can deliver an unmatched user experience.

  • Palo Alto Networks Recognized as a Leader in IDC MarketScape for SD-WAN

    IDC MarketScape has recognized Palo Alto Networks as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure 2023 Vendor Assessment. Learn how next-generation SD-WAN helps customers and service providers deliver the "branch of the future" today. Read the excerpt to discover why the IDC MarketScape named Palo Alto Networks a Leader and learn how next-generation SD-WAN with SASE powers an exceptional user experience, Zero Trust security and automation for complex IT operations.

  • Blending AI with Human Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

    Frameable's integration with Microsoft Teams enhances remote collaboration with AI, improving productivity and team dynamics for distributed workforces.