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Key Digital Transformation Best Practices

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will take you through some smaller digital transformations, finding new ways to make small but meaningful process improvements through more innovative applications of available technologies. Learn more.

The Digital Transformation Landscape in 2022

In this session, we will discuss strategies that IT professionals can use to properly define digital transformation and develop an action plan to implement it. Learn more.

Digital Transformation in 2022 Summit

Don't miss this half-day summit brought to you by the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review, Redmondmag.com, PureAI.com, AWSInsider.net, MCPmag.com and ADTmag.com where you'll learn about how digital transformation has transformed for 2022 and how you can take steps now to take advantage of it in the coming year and beyond. Don't miss out!

Managing & Securing End User Computing Summit

Come watch the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization & Cloud Review at this half-day event featuring independent experts to review best practices for securing your remote workforce.

Securing the Remote Workplace

There is a new security threat being exploited. In addition, there are various regulatory requirements that need to be met to ensure successful implementations.

Top Multi-Cloud Trends Impacting Enterprise IT

In this session we’ll explore why companies are becoming so much more deliberate in their approach to multi-cloud, including: Enjoying the best of all clouds, The importance of avoiding vendor lock-in and more! Learn more.

Multi-Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022 Summit

Join us for this half-day summit that will walk you through the security threats you can expect to face in the new year plus the real-world best practice advice you can implement right way. Learn more.

Multi-Cloud Best Practices Heading into 2022

As cloud adoption has grown over time, many companies have solutions spread across different cloud vendors and on-premises. Multi-cloud can be very effective, enabling you to leverage the best of all options, however it must be implemented correctly to prevent issues.

Cloud Security 101: Top Enterprise Cloud Setup & Configuration Best Practices

Join us as a Cloud Security Architect covers the fundamental practices every enterprise must consider for comprehensive cloud management and security. Learn more.

Getting Started with Cloud Security Summit

What are the current best practices for the modern IT enterprise? Find out in this half-day summit from the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review.

Ransomware: Top Threats and Best Practices Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSinsider.net for this half-day summit that will bring together independent ransomware and cloud data security experts to give you real-world, practice advice, tips and best practices that will help you harden your infrastructure today for tomorrow. Learn more.

Why Machine Identity Management is Essential to Establish Zero Trust

In this webinar, we'll discuss why machine identity management is a crucial component in establishing a robust Zero Trust architecture, and how you can successfully gain better visibility over machine identities and automate the process of managing them.

Microsoft 365 Security: Top Installation, Configuration and Management Mistakes and "Gotchas"

During this 60-minute session, Nathan O’Bryan (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Messaging/5x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) will dive into the EM+S E5 suite and the features it brings to help secure your Microsoft 365 deployment. Learn more.

Top 10 Microsoft 365 Security Best Practices Every Organization Must Implement

In this session, we will look at the top 10 things you should consider right away to make your Microsoft 365 environment as secure as possible! Learn more.

Microsoft Office 365 Security Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag along with Microsoft 365 experts for this informative and free half-day summit on Microsoft 365 Security: Top Installation, Configuration and Management Mistakes and "Gotchas" and the top 10 Microsoft 365 Security Best Practices Every Organization Must Implement. Learn more.