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Seeking Microsoft Apps for Mac

Redmond writer Derek Schauland, an IT pro for a decade and a half, happens to like the Mac. He just doesn't like the software library (or lack thereof).

There are five Windows programs that Derek is dying to either see ported to the Mac or have their Mac versions made right.

First up is OneNote, a cool tool I admit I haven't much used. I keep my notes in the docs I'm working on or in separate Word docs. The really important stuff? That goes on a piece of paper!

Schauland admits that Word for Mac has a notebook feature, but it is bare-bones compared to the organization that comes with OneNote.

Derek also wants to see SharePoint Workspace 2010, formerly Groove, on an Apple PC. I haven't heard much about this product since Microsoft bought Groove nearly seven years ago. In all those ensuing years Microsoft has pushed the core SharePoint tool as its collaboration centerpiece. But the new Groove is good for storing and sharing files much like Dropbox. And for that a port is desired.

What else made the list?

Microsoft's Remote Desktop client, which runs on the Mac but is less stable Foster Brooks.

Outlook is also available for the Mac but looks and acts more like the Entourage client it replaces, Derek argues.

Finally, Schauland wants to see Zune software on the Mac, both to support his Zune hardware and to interact with Windows Phone 7 devices, which are the new homes for the Zune app.

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/06/2012 at 1:19 PM


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